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Reclining Position for
Your Newborn Infant
Regular Sitting Position
for Your Toddler
Infant sitting in the reclining position
Toddler playing in BabeeTenda in upright position
The full reclining position lets newborns feel safe and secure because baby sits down and inside. You can use it as soon as your newborn can control his head or sooner with your horseshoe shaped infant head support. Baby can see Mom and have a view of his new world from a better view than sitting on the floor looking at the ceiling.
The regular sitting or safe highchair position provides a safe and comfortable place to eat and play. The dual wheel casters allow you to take baby with you for your peace of mind. This white blue unit is shown in the lowest of 3 heights. The table comes in 5 colors: cherry, oak,blue and white.
Youth Chair Position for
Eating With the Family
Babee Tenda Converts into
a Useful Play Table
Youth position can be used at the table
Play table with Youth Chairs
Youth chair position the BabeeTenda converts into a safe Booster Chair. Your child can join the family at the dinner table without having to balance on phone books or cushions, and if your child pushes backwards, the table simply rolls to safety and won't tip over.
In the Play Table expect years and years of use as the BabeeTenda Feeding Table grows with your child. It comes with a sturdy, scratch-proof top and one juvenile chair. See Accessories to make it a foursome. When company comes over, the children can have their own dinner table.
Easel Chalkboard Conversion
Easel Play and Study Desk
Flip the white surface to chalkboard
Work surface flips to Chalkboard
Your child will get hours and hours of use out of the Easel Chalkboard. Simply adjust the legs on the Babee Tenda to create the easel position. The lip keeps the chalk from falling on the floor and a new artist is born.
Flip the easy eye green chalk over and you have a white marker board to provide your child with hours of entertainment. The desk fits your child and the dual wheel casters are removable when used as a table and chair.
Serving/Utility/Computer Table
for Use by the Whole Family
Folds Flat for Easy Travel
or Storage
Use BabeeTenda as a serving or utility table
Babeetenda folds to fit easily into your trunk or backseat
Versatile Utility Table. You will receive added value from this wise purchase by finding many other uses. Use it as a utility table, serving cart, TV tray, computer table, typing table or sewing table.
Easy to transport, take your BabeeTenda Safety Table wherever you go. Grandma and friends will really appreciate this. It folds flat and is convenient for travel and won't fill up your car - quick and easy to stow in the trunk or backseat.


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