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Baby Tenda Corp

Safety Information

General Information on Baby Products

There's a lot of baby product safety information at our site. After spending some time with us, you'll view baby product purchases in a totally different light.

Here are the scary facts:

  • 70,000 babies per year are injured by juvenile products, according to government estimates.(Nationally recognized writer of child safety guide books)
  • Traditional baby products are made of plastic, vinyl, or tubular metal (50% or more of the product's materials). Most baby products are made overseas (Asia) and sold to 99% of the world's baby population.
  • There are only two (2) baby products which are regulated... cribs and car seats; yet... 3/4 of all car seats have been recalled...some as many as 15 times. (Source: USA Today, 1995)
  • Cribs are responsible for 10,000+ injuries a year and roughly 60 deaths per year (5 per month).(Sources: CPSC and the Danny Foundation.)

Question: If cribs and care seats are regulated and yet have this many recalls and injuries, what's wrong with this picture?
Answer: Either the regulations aren't strong enough or no one's rigidly enforcing the regulations.

Baby Products Carry WARNING Labels!

You expect warning labels on chain saws, electric drills, toaster ovens, etc. because they can electrocute us, amputate fingers, put out eyes. But, do you really expect warning labels on baby products... products where you're going to place the most precious, defenseless person in your family? Yet, the warning labels are there because these baby products are responsible for both minor and major well as deaths. The warning labels all start off with Warning, Caution, Danger...they go on to state "Never Leave Child Unattended"... and then to specific don'ts for using that product. The warning labels protect the manufacturer (from liability)... they do not protect your child... they do not make the product safe.

Instead of making safe baby products, the manufacturers force adults to make the product safe by the way in which we use it or supervise the use of the product while the baby is in it. Ironically, the manufacturers spend research and development dollars on making the product sleeker, prettier, cheaper... but they don't invest in making the product safe. Traditional baby products are designed with planned obsolescence in mind. Most have a useful life of 3-6 months. The baby graduates to the next product in the line... another product made out of plastic, vinyl, and tubular metal. Because of the materials used to produce these products, most are not left in good enough condition to use with a subsequent child. (To use with a second child, the product has to be one tough piece of equipment.)

Your Baby's Safety is More Important than Convenience

Most parents buy baby products because they are:

  • Cheap
  • Pretty
  • Convenient

Traditional baby product manufacturers have created a whole industry around an illusion that parents "need" this product. Most of these products are no more than conveniences. Tragically, they are often used as babysitters while parents engage in "hands off" parenting. In reality, your baby is much better off not using these products... and you save money... and you don't have all the plastic clutter around after the baby outgrows the product.

Remember, just because the stores sell the products and "all my friends use the product" doesn't make the product either necessary or safe.

Compare these Products to BabeeTenda

BabeeTenda makes only one product:

The BabeeTenda Safety Feeding Table and its accessories.

  • BabeeTenda is backed by an 10 year warranty.
  • BabeeTenda is made of wood/metal, (not plastic), and laminated with construction grade Formica to give you several generations of useful service.
  • BabeeTenda was designed around your baby and with your baby's safety in mind.
  • BabeeTenda doesn't have any warning labels, since it has never had an injury or death associated with it in the company's 60 year history.

Most baby products have a limited useful life... typically, 3-6 months. When the baby outgrows the product, it winds up in a closet or at a yard sale or passed on to a friend. This becomes expensive... and results in a lot of clutter.

The BabeeTenda Feeding Table eliminates both these problems. The table replaces 10+ traditional baby the child grows and "needs" a new product, the table adapts to the child's growth and needs. It saves money... and eliminates the clutter of all the traditional (unsafe) products.

Most baby products are made of plastic, vinyl, and tubular metal.

The BabeeTenda Feeding Table is solid hardwood and laminated with construction grade Formica. Because of the feeding table's construction, it will outlast the plastic and vinyl products... is easy to keep clean, the Formica is germ-free and bacteria proof... it will be serviceable for many children and something to pass down to the grandchildren.

There's a lot of baby product safety information at our site. Browse it thoroughly. After spending some time with us, you'll view baby product purchases in a totally different light... and we hope you'll place an order for a BabeeTenda Safety Feeding Table.

Authorities on Baby Product Safety

  1. The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  2. The American Academy of Pediatrics

Other sources of baby product safety information:

  1. Consumer Reports
  2. Books by Sandy Jones (by far, one of the most prominent authors of baby product safety books, considered to have pioneered standards for many baby products)