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Customer Testimonials

The Best Recommendations Personal and Professional
What Parents and Child Care Professionals Say About BabeeTenda:


“We purchased a BabyTenda [BabeeTenda] highchair in 1984 in preparation for the birth of our son, it was used for him as well as our daughter in 1987. It was the best item we had and used for many years with both. I especially used the bathenet (Dressing & Bathing Cover) as our bathroom was on the 2nd fl & we were on the 1st fl most of the time. I am now having my 1st grandchild & can’t wait to take pictures of him in this highchair. Even though I purchased several replacement pieces, the vinyl seat cushion is the only true thing I need to replace after all this time...”

Diane Caldarulo, Mother & soon to be Grandmother, December 29, 2015

“My mom bought her Baby Tenda in 1945. The original lasted 35 years. She is on her second one for her great grandkids. I bought one for both of my grandbabies. Such a great product. Our family swears by Baby Tenda!”

Posted by Paula Kershaw on 4th Jun 2015

“Our BabeeTenda table is 25+ years old. Now that our daughter is getting married we decided to get it ready for future grandchildren. We lost one of the old wheels somehow in storage so we ordered the new casters and inserts, along with a new seat cushion, cover and leg strap. Now it is good as new and ready for action when the time is right.

My parents convinced us to get the table because they had one for me and my siblings way back when. So my grandkids will be 3rd generation BabeeTenda babies!”

Posted by Mary Corstange on 7th Mar 2015

Hello - It’s nice to know that you are still around. We purchased a “Baby” Tenda many years ago, November 21, 1982. We used it for all five of our children and are now using it for our first grandchild. It is amazing how wonderful this product is. When our oldest son saw his son in it for the first time he got real emotional - the memories – he asked if he could have it. I informed him that his son will be the first of all our grandchildren to use it and that he could not have it. I just found the paperwork and saw that we paid $241.72 back in 1982. That was a lot of money on my husband’s fireman salary of about $700.00 a month. But I will tell anyone that every $ was / is well worth it. I have had people come here and see it, and are immediately drawn to it. They look at it and can’t believe that it is 25 years old – looks like new. And like I said, we used it for our five children; it went through everyday use for about 13 years. My husband was wondering how much they sell for today. I will be telling my children that they are still sold, who knows. . . 2nd generation of Babee Tenda buyers? I know we are 2nd generation “Baby” Tenda users.” Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

—Debra G., Mother / Grandmother, Proud BabeeTenda User

Hello! My parents own your fine product, the BabeeTenda feeding table. I come from a family of 9 children with my oldest brother about to turn 50 this April. The Babee Tenda has been through all of us, including 16 grandchildren and is still in great condition. It even has the four removable plastic corners! My mother takes excellent care of the things she owns, and she loves her BabeeTenda.! We were discussing it recently when she was about to get it out for the youngest grandchild when she commented that she needed a replacement seat cover. Is there a replacement seat cover that can be ordered? My mother didn't even realize that BabeeTendas were still made when I told her that I had seen one recently at a second-hand shop. Please send me ordering information. Thank you for your time, and for your great product.”

—Jennifer P

Hooray - I have found you!! My daughter will turn 50 years old this year. She and her two sisters were "raised" in a Babeetenda. You just can't imagine what a joy it was to use your product. Not one tip-over and they loved the slate board. I thank you so much for all the enjoyable hours we have had with this wonderful "high chair". Our six grandchildren have each had a turn to write on the slate and have dinner at their mother's special table. If by any chance you still have replacement parts it would be nice to "update" so our great-grandchildren will also be able to be a part of this family tradition. Yes, I realize that we could buy a new one - no - it would not be the same. This one is special. Actually all we need is the plastic corner pieces and a new pad.”

—Patricia, Houston, TX

“By far the safest choice is a feeding table.” —Author of baby care books

“...feeding tables are much safer than highchairs.” —Author of baby care books

“My parents still have (and use) the table they had for me—now 34 years old!” —Yvonne Z., Wauwatosa, WI

“BabeeTenda has always met our demands for the highest safety standards. Both professionally and privately I have been very impressed with your product.”

—Registered Nurse, St. Louis, MO

“Thanks for designing and producing such practical, safe and durable equipment as the Babee-Tenda. Your concern for infants and young children is truly appreciated.”

—Developmental Psychologist, Youngstown, OH

“A family member has a 40 year old BabeeTenda. It is ready for the next generation with the exception that it needs a new seat. Do you have replacement seats that would work in a very old but still very useable BabeeTenda? Thank you in advance for your response.”

—Nancy K., email

“Hi, we have a BabeeTenda that we bought in 1956 and we want to pass it on since we have stored it for at least 20 years. We used it for our 8 children and then for many, many foster infants. Would you be interested in looking at it for a model? It is the one that had 4 plastic corners that were removable for cleaning and they are lost, all but one. The table is in wonderful condition.”

—Mary P., St Augustine, FL

“The girls hate the highchair and love the Babee-Tenda Safety Table—need I say more? The only baby that is not screaming is the baby in the Babee-Tenda.”

—Registered Nurse, Cincinnati, OH

"We view Babee-Tenda as safer than the conventional highchair which, due to design, can be easily overturned by an active child."--Nursing Supervisor, New York, NY

"We have had a lifetime of enjoyment from our Babee-Tenda Safety Table. We used it for each of our 6 children and each of our 19 grandchildren."--Mary C., Wilkes-Barre, PA

" I would just like to comment on your safety crib. Just a few words...practical, convenient, and safe. Thanks alot."--Troy L., email

"My hat is off to your products, your people and your way of doing business."--Vice President of a sales magazine, Fredericksburg, VA

"I purchased 2 of your feeding tables for my twin boys. They are now 14 months and the LOVE them. I have absolutely no problem getting them to sit in their tables to eat. When they are hungry they go to their tables and want to get in them. We are a family of 5 k ids and one mom, no dad. The tables are the best thing I have purchased--and the endless clean up is easy. I have a niece, one month older than my twins, and she does not sit in her high chair at home, but at my house she loves to sit in the boys' tables and eat. I am so glad that I visited the Babee Tenda seminar."--Tiffanie C. email

"I know I will use it as a utility table when the new baby grows out of it, instead of putting it away like a normal highchair. I highly recommend the Babee-Tenda Safety Table to all parents."--Susan R., Watertown, CT

"All four of my children were Babee-Tenda babies; and I have considered it one of the greatest inventions of the century. Now that my only daughter is about to have her first child, I can think of no better gift to give her."--Shirley F., Long Beach, CA

"Our Babee-Tenda Safety Table has proven to be extremely sturdy and well designed for the Toddler Unit age group."--Unit Director, Indianapolis, IN

"I think it is preferable to buy a low chair-table arrangement."--Pediatrician and author of baby care books

"We had done a lot of researc h in looking at various cribs and cradles and bassinets for the baby and we finally came to the conclusion that your equipment was by far the best in terms of the safety standard features, looks, and the costs."--Director of Neurology, Cleveland, OH

"We have used traditional highchairs in the past, however, the Babee-Tenda Safety Table allows a larger play area which prevents toys from easily dropping to the floor."--Director of child care, St. Louis, MO

"We have six Babee-Tenda Safety Tables in our Infant/Toddler program, and these are the only feeding chair/highchair equipment that we use. Their sturdiness, large table area and safety features are all important characteristics to us. Further, the adjustable heights and ease of cleaning (with the sliding trays) are most helpful to our staff. We would recommend them highly to other centers."--Director, child development, Storrs, CT

"Your Babee-Tenda Safety Tables are being used for feeding therapy to help children who have very complicated feeding disorders. The safety features and the large eating areas of your tables are especially important to us. T he other convenient featur es, such as the easy cleaning and transporting, have also proven to be invaluable to us."--Registered Nurse, Cincinnati, OH

"Evaluation of toddlers is much simpler without worrying about their climbing all over the office, and their mothers are reassured by its 'non-tip ability'. The interchangeable tops are easy to clean, yet highly durable, and the older children love the chalkboard. The attractive appearance and ease of mobility make the Babee-Tenda Safety Table more than just equipment--it's a piece of furniture."--Medical Doctor, Bronx, NY

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude to your firm for providing a product that has proved itself to be of the highest quality, workmanship and durability. It is valued beyond any monetary amount. Now my son is using the same Babee-Tenda Safety Table that I used as a child in 1962."--Joe B., San Francisco, CA

"We became so enthusiastic about its safety features, not to mention its multiuse capability, that we purchased the Babee-Tenda Safety Table. We had felt that conventional children's furniture, although very attractive to the eye, was inherently defective from the standpoint of safety. Our Ba bee-Tenda purchase represented money well spent."--Randall B., Columbia, SC

"I have a feeding table set that is in need of some replacement parts. The table was bought in 1977 and worked quite well for the first generation of its use. Well the time is for the grown first generation to start using the feeding set for the new start on the second generation. The plastic feet rests and the plastic seat cover have cracked and I need to replace them. If you could send me the information I would need to order more parts, or send me a list of business's in the St. Louis/St. Charles area I would greatly appreciate it." -- Jim, St. Louis, MO