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Throwback Thursday — 1984: “Back to the Future”

Posted by BabeeTenda on

We never get tired of receiving letters and family photographs from satisfied customers who have been using the BabeeTenda Safely Feeding Table from one generation to the next. It’s a source of deep pride that we’ve been providing safety for millions of babies since 1937, with a product that grows with your child from birth to school age. Your baby’s safety is truly our only business.

April 8, 2016

I recently purchased a BabeeTenda for my grandson, Lars, who is currently 9 months old. I purchased two BabeeTendas in 1984 for my twin sons. I had the bathtub and the shade “overhang” and the plastic cover. All of this times two. I sure wish that I’d kept one of them!

I’m happy to see that your product hasn’t changed much over the years…

I’m enclosing some photos of my grandson, taken last week in his new BabeeTenda. I’m also enclosing a copy of a photo of his dad, Anthony, taken in 1984 [sitting in his vintage BabeeTenda]. I believe he was about 5 months old in that photo.

Thank you for continuing to make such a fine product. I will definitely be keeping my BabeeTenda and passing it down through the generations!

Best regards,

Toni W

Letter from a satisfied BabeeTenda customer who raised their twin boys in BabeeTenda Safety feeding tables and recently purchased a new BabeeTenda for their grandson—serving generations of children.

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