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Baby Tenda Corp

BabeeTanda Assembly Instructions




Remove chalkboard, cushion, accessory envelope and juvenile safety chair from carton. Place table on its side and open your BABEE-TENDA® PLAY AND FEEDING TABLE. Loosen each of the four wing nuts and swing legs into unfolded position. Then, tighten wing nuts to secure the legs (see figure 1-A) in steel brackets. It is a good idea to check the wing nuts each month and tighten if necessary.


The sliding food tray is moved to place baby in and out of the table by reaching underneath front of frame at (1) (see figure 2) and pulling down on the spring-loaded tray lock while sliding tray forward with the other hand. To replace tray in feeding position, just reverse procedure. Always pull on tray after insertion to make sure it is locked into position.


Sliding tray is taken out, exposing en tire innerseat. Lift back of seat to up right position. Innerseat is usually packed in the reverse position. Note the two buttons on each side of seat (see [1], figure 3) to snap cushion into place. Cross bar is removable by pressing on spring-loaded pushbuttons at each side of innerseat (see figure 3). NOTE: SEAT BELT/CROTCH STRAP COMBINATION ATTACHED TO YOUR INNERSEAT SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED. Seat can be placed in any position by placing metal pins (see [4], figure 3) into holes on adjustment rails. Adjusted properly, the tray should touch baby's tummy.



Cushion is equipped with a pillow headrest. Slip the pocket at top of cushion over backrest and snap cushion against sides of innerseat.



Footrest is made of durable, shatterproof plastic and is adjustable by lifting up to any one of the three positions provided in the metal slots on the back side of the footrest assembly (see [5], fig. 3).

TABLE LEGS - Pushbutton Type


Spring-loaded pushbuttons facilitate raising and lowering of legs. Simply snap in & adjust to any one of the three positions. Never allow table to be used when all four buttons are not visible.


To be used by baby in later years with chalkboard/play table feature, but can be used by mother now as a chair for feeding baby. Unfold chair by holding top of chair with one hand while pulling straight forward on chrome frame underneath bottom of seat.


It is very important to use this safety belt/crotch strap system at all times. Your unit will come with the safety belt crotch strap already installed. The BABEE~TENDA® waist belt with a center buckle and two snap hooks attached will hold your baby securely in the BABEE~TENDA® PLAY AND FEEDING TABLE (see [A], figure 1). The long strap with a slide and sewn loop will form the crotch strap (B). The white slide (C) will hold the crotch strap securely in place and is used for adjusting it to your baby's size.



Step 1: Place the slide (which is already attached) on the crotch strap approximately 6' down from the loop. The strap will then thread through the bottom D ring on the front part of the innerseat. The crotch strap slide now will be directly behind the D ring (see figure 2).


Step 2: Loop the crotch strap over the bottom D ring and thread back through the slide so that a tight loop will form on the bottom "D ring (see figures 3 and 4). Step 3: Holding the strap upright, thread the strap toward yourself through the top "D" ring (see figure 4).


Step 3: Holding the strap upright, thread the strap toward yourself through the top "D" ring (see figure 4).


Step 4: Bring the strap down toward the bottom "D" ring and thread through the slide. This will make a large loop from the top D ring to the slide (see figure 5). The excess strap will fall down from the slide.


Step 5: Fasten the waist belt by hooking each snap hook on the underneath side of the innerseat. Place the top loop of the crotch strap on the waist belt and your safety belt is ready to use (see fig.1).


For the infant three to four months of age, BABEE-TENDA® offers a propping bed position. Place seat in age holes farthest away from front of table. Lift up on "D" rings shown (see [6] in figure 3) and snap into the two spring clips located on the inside front of the table frame. This causes the whole seat to recline. Place cushions into position and snap rear snaps of cushion to rear snaps on innerseat only. DO NOT SNAP FRONT SNAPS, as cushion provides padding on sides for a small child. Reinsert sliding tray and you have an infant recliner.


Slide feed tray forward and remove n nerseat. Return feed tray and place play table top or chalkboard on top of feed tray. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO IN SERT TABLE TOP IN THE SLOT FOR FEED TRAY. Table can be made stationary by re moving casters and inserting crutch tips on the bottom of the legs. (Crutch tips may be purchased at any hardware store.) Raise any two legs to make easel-type desk.


Side feed tray out and remove inner seat. Reverse seat and replace in table frame so the front of the inner seat is facing the back of the table frame. Re- p lace feed tray to the rear of the inner seat. This permits the BABEE-TENDA® table to be used at the adult table as a youth chair (see figure 9).

To clean innerseat cushion or plastic materials. just wipe off with a cloth dampened in mild soap suds.
DO NOT SOAK IN WATER. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS. Feeding table is kept clean easily by wiping off with cloth dampened in mild soap suds. All items on BABEE-TENDA® are coated with a nontoxic finish, perfectly safe for baby. Outsides are covered with a high-pressure laminated plastic.



Remove feed tray and place innerseat in the cradle position with cushion in place. Remove cross bar (see (2) in figure 3). Drop the filler hose of bather through table frame between innerseat and footrest. Slip corners of bather over corners of table and hold in place with elastic straps under each corner of table frame. Be sure pocket in back of bather fits over top edge of seat back. Press down on bottom of bather until it fits contour of cradle position. Pocket on front of bather is provided for bathing accessories. Filler hose has adjustable connector to fit almost any faucet. If hose has kinks when originally opened, run hot water through hose and the kinks will disappear. Place dressing cover over play table board and secure with elastic strap under each corner. Place on top of bather in front of seat back and you are ready to dry and diaper baby. CAUTION: Always test water with elbow to make sure it is not too hot for your baby.


Slip corners of bib over the corners of the table and hold in place with the elastic straps located on the underside of each corner of the bib. The bib around the baby. neck and both baby and BABEE-TENDA® are protected from spills, etc. Note: Bib can be handwashed with warm water and mild soap.


The BABEE-TENDA® Sun Canopy is designed for use with the feed and play table. The BABEE-TENDA® Sun Canopy is installed on the table by inserting steel tubes (2) into the holes (1) in the back of the table frame. Connect the tubes together by slipping the ends of the remaining U-shaped tube over the ends of the horizontal steel tubes; this forms a square frame for the canopy cover to slip over. Canopy cover is held fast by means of the elastic straps on the underside of the cover. The front of the frame slips into a pocket under neath the bottom front edge of the canopy cover.

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There are several adjustments on the belt system and seat that need to be checked to prevent climbing up or slipping down.


The soft part of the child's tummy should just touch the tray cutout. The child should not be able to turn around in the seat.



1. Torso belt goes completely around the child's waist, above the diaper (not on the diaper) and snug to the child's chlothes/skin.


2. The soft part of the child's tummy should just barely touch the tray cut out. The child should not be able to turn around in the seat.


3. Three straps whould be between the child's legs: two between the thighs and one that connects the front of the seat to the buckle.


4. For active climbing children, remove the footrest. The front of the set is designed for proper comfort and circulation when the footrest is removed.